Next.js Localhost https Setup

This will be a short one but it is really useful for anyone that needs https setup on localhost or better yet with a custom domain.


We need local-ssl-proxy which is a simple SSL HTTP proxy using a self-signed certificate.

npm install -g local-ssl-proxy

Install certificate generation utilities locally:

brew install mkcert nss
mkcert --install


Normally if we want to make localhost run on https, we simply run the following command in the project root directory:

mkcert localhost

However if you'd like to run on a custom domain of your choice because your API server has special requirements that demand running on specific domain:


This should generate and in the same directory.

In your package.json,

"scripts": {
  "dev": "next dev -p 3400 & local-ssl-proxy --key --cert --source 443 --target 3400"

This will start the Next.js server and the proxy concurrently or you can simply use concurrently.

Edit your /etc/hosts file by adding this line so your computer knows points to localhost.

Now running npm run dev and navigating to should see your app running.

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